What is Swervo?

Swervo is a product-service ecosystem our team of Carnegie Mellon MHCI students developed for our Capstone project client, 99P Labs, a digital proving ground that helps further develop mobility and energy concepts through customer empathy, data science, and business innovation.

Swervo reimagines the car as a game console with the goal of fostering connection for families through unique combinations of play, interaction modalities, and the affordances of the car.

To understand and validate the ideal combinations of play, interaction modalities, and affordances, we built three experiential prototypes – Moe, Simón, and Martin.


Moe combines a visual and conversational interface with the changing exterior environment to facilitate self-disclosure between parents and kids.


Simón leverages the spatial arrangement of car seats and the physically confined space of a car through a haptic interface and cooperative play.


Marty combines haptic and kinetic input, the movement of the car, and cooperative play into a maze-solving game where seats become controllers.

Why Swervo?

Families feel time in the car is lost, but they also experience the car as a space conducive to connection. As cars become more autonomous, families don't want another venue to be pulled into their devices and away from each other.